Monthly Archives: January 2015

Advanced Aerobatics – Extra 300 – part 2 – POV Flying ATC audio

To date, this is BY FAR the most amazing flight I’ve done! Proud to be associated with ForeFlight: Link to Part 1 : Link to FOD related Extra accident: short version:… If that NTSB link changes, this is the actual report #: WPR12FA155 Link to Passenger management video (this expands on Jared’s…

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Flight Chops and ForeFlight

If there was ONE sponsor I fantasized about getting when I started a YouTube channel about flying…  ForeFlight was IT! I got my license in the mid 90’s, eons before the era of tablets, and heck, the internet wasn’t even “a thing” yet. Flight planning on paper was never something I felt good about, but…

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