During that multi-year period when I was not current, I discovered Jason Miller’s podcast – it was probably 2007 or 2008 so those were the early days, and he had one of the first Aviation podcasts – and even today it is still one of the best!
I was captivated and inspired by his awesome production value and great info.
I learned about ForeFlight from Jason, and he helped keep my head in the game when I wasn’t current.

I was captivated listening to him describe flying around California, and when he talked about a mountain flying weekend course that he ran each season, I made note of it for my flying bucket list.

It completely blew my mind when he reached out and asked if I’d like to film the mountain trip in 2015!  We killed it created some awesome video content (it yielded a ~10 part series!
(check the sidebar for content tagged with ‘Mountain Flying’ for that content)

I am proud to have “The Finer Points of Flying” as a sponsor and content creation partner now!

There are hundreds of free podcast episodes available and Jason is STILL publishing!

Photo Courtesy of ForeFlight.com

Photo Courtesy of ForeFlight.com

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