Monthly Archives: September 2015

Warbird primary training – STALL recognition – SHORT field LANDING – STEARMAN Flying

Training WWII style, to honour my Grandfather; he was a Spitfire Fighter Pilot. Proud to be associated with ForeFlight: Warbird training will be an ongoing series, hopefully culminating in my training to fly a Spitfire as my grandfather did. I look forward to producing and sharing quality content documenting the training! Flight Chops CONTESTS!…

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iPhone6 drop test: 2 THOUSAND feet! + Complete ENGINE tear down – Super Cub – Flying POV

Some fun Super Cub memories, while tearing apart her damaged engine 🙁 Proud to be associated with ForeFlight: Flight Chops CONTESTS! A new contest EVERY month; shared prizes from all our sponsors totalling over $750! AND this season we’ll have a GRAND PRIZE Bose A20 Aviation headset worth over $1000 Please visit for…

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Flight Chops and PIVOT Case

Flying with an iPad means you need a mounting solution…  and flying multiple types of aircraft like I do, from Cessnas with a yoke, to a Super Cub with a stick, to a Chipmunk with a cockpit so tight there is barely room for anything, to a Stearman with an open cockpit, means you need…

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