Monthly Archives: November 2015

Hypoxia Symptoms and Avoidance – above 12,500 feet – Mountain Flying – NorCal – ATC audio

The insidious threat that is Hypoxia, affects everyone in a unique way… Proud to be associated with ForeFlight:   Mountain Flying Training with Jason Miller was awesome! This is an other of many episodes that I am happy to share from the 2015 workshop! RELATED EPISODE LINKS: Birth of a HUGE Wild Fire:…

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Flying Power Off – Energy Management101 All The Way Down – STEARMAN – ATC Audio

Prep for Stearman back seat sign off means I need to do a complete flight with out help. Proud to be associated with ForeFlight: If you’d like to (politely) harass Destin from “Smarter Every Day” to make a more scientific video about peripheral vision as related to perfecting landings, hit him up at one…

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