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Take Off at 8,000 ft Density Altitude – C182 Skylane – Mountain Flying – NorCal – ATC audio

It’s all about patience when trying to get off the ground with a high DA… Proud to be associated with ForeFlight:   Mountain Flying Training with Jason Miller was awesome! This is an other of many episodes that I am happy to share from the 2015 workshop! (Note: CFI = “Certified Flight Instructor” in…

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Landing TBM850 Turboprop – RNAV Approach – PPL / IFR – ATC audio

Watching the pitch change while deploying full flaps was amazing! Proud to be associated with ForeFlight: In Part 1 we covered turbine engine start up and take off! Link to Part 1 of the TBM850 series: Flight Chops CONTESTS! A new contest EVERY month; shared prizes from all our sponsors totalling over $1000!…

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TBM850 series Tease + Win $2000!

Win $2000! UPDATE: The new contest is LIVE – Bose A20 is current the Big Prize! I made this promo last month, but kept it unlisted on YouTube, as it was mainly for a Facebook upload… But I didn’t love the compression – and the fact that the Facebook default seems to be to “autoplay”…

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Flight Chops and CloudAhoy

Flight Chops started off as a simple way to publicly share my flying debriefs. And when I learned about CloudAhoy back when it was a free beta advertised as supporting US only customers, I still gave it a shot and was delighted to find out it worked – see link below to a video I…

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Bose A20® Aviation Headset

Flight Chops and Bose

I had always worn a beat up old Dave Clark headset…  not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t afford to upgrade; Or at least I thought I couldn’t. Moving to a Bose A20 headset has been a game changer. The sound quality is truly unbelievable – not to mention the crazy features like…

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