I had always worn a beat up old Dave Clark headset…  not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t afford to upgrade; Or at least I thought I couldn’t.
Moving to a Bose A20 headset has been a game changer.
scheyden-boseThe sound quality is truly unbelievable – not to mention the crazy features like bluetooth connectivity for phone calls that are both convenient for opening / closing flight plans from the cockpit, but also a safety feature as you can use it as an alternate way to contact ATC in the event of a com failure.
And it is so comfortable; the slight dull head ache I had gotten used to and simply associated with flying is gone – I often fly on commercial airliners to get to “Flight Chops” shoots, but even when I am not planning to fly GA at my destination, the A20 is still in my carry on, because I use it to watch movies and it makes a coach seat feel like first class, because it literally takes you out of the cabin into your own private space with the active noise cancelling.
I can not say enough good things about the A20, and I am proud to be giving them away to viewers via the monthly contest!
Learn more about it on the Bose website.
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