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Flight Chops and CloudAhoy

Flight Chops started off as a simple way to publicly share my flying debriefs. And when I learned about CloudAhoy back when it was a free beta advertised as supporting US only customers, I still gave it a shot and was delighted to find out it worked – see link below to a video I…

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Bose A20® Aviation Headset

Flight Chops and Bose

I had always worn a beat up old Dave Clark headset…  not because I wanted to, but because I couldn’t afford to upgrade; Or at least I thought I couldn’t. Moving to a Bose A20 headset has been a game changer. The sound quality is truly unbelievable – not to mention the crazy features like…

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Flight Chops and Spectrum Airways

My school…  My Home…  Where I found my mentor – Dennis. I came to Spectrum as an experienced, but rusty pilot. There I learned to fly a constant speed prop, got tail wheel endorsed and have done a pile of IFR training. And most importantly, they supported my publishing the videos I filmed in their…

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Flight Chops and Scheyden

Those of you who have followed me for a long time know that I have always worn Serengeti; and honestly, it was mainly because as a 15 year old, I inherited a pair from my best friend’s father after he died.  Walter was like a second father to me, and a huge role model –…

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Flight Chops and PIVOT Case

Flying with an iPad means you need a mounting solution…  and flying multiple types of aircraft like I do, from Cessnas with a yoke, to a Super Cub with a stick, to a Chipmunk with a cockpit so tight there is barely room for anything, to a Stearman with an open cockpit, means you need…

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Flight Chops and iCloth Avionics

This is one of those really cool products that you don’t know you need…  until you realize you need it – and then you can’t live with out it! Beyond being a great product that has never NOT been in my flight bag since I learned about it, the team at the company has been…

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Flight Chops and ForeFlight

If there was ONE sponsor I fantasized about getting when I started a YouTube channel about flying…  ForeFlight was IT! I got my license in the mid 90’s, eons before the era of tablets, and heck, the internet wasn’t even “a thing” yet. Flight planning on paper was never something I felt good about, but…

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